Monday, August 12, 2019

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019


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I always wanted to be a mom. After my miscarriage, I thought it would never happen. God had a wonderful plan for my life. I just have to wait and put my faith in Him. Many women suffer the tremendous loss of a miscarriage. They often believe they are alone, but they are never alone. Rest assured that it is not anyone’s fault! It is simply a sad component of life. In every four pregnancies, one ends in a miscarriage. I am sharing my story to help other women who have experienced the same pain I have.

Friday, April 26, 2019


I feel invisible. I am invisible.
As if life is passing me by and no one seems to notice or care.
You run around me asking for help, but my hand you do not see. 

I am invisible. I am invisible.
You walk right past me as if no one was there.
I am a shadow of the way I was, a body with no host.
You walk right past me as if I was a ghost.

I am a shadow of my former self, as I try to hold on to things of the past
A shadow of the life that I used to share.

I am invisible. I am invisible.
You walk right past me as if no one was there.
I am a shadow of the way I was, a body with no host.
You walk right past me as if I was a ghost.

You walk right past me as if I am nothing. 
The tears I shed, go unnoticed as you no longer care.
You walk past me as if I was never there.
Why is my self-worth wrapped up in what you think?

I watched everything go by but seeing nothing as nothing is left for me.
Trapped in a box I can not escape,
The water pulls em under but you do not see

I am invisible, I am invisible
You walk right past me as if no one was there
I am a shadow of the way I was, a body with no host
You walk right past me as if I was a ghost

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Parents of Special Needs Children

This is for parents of special education children. You must fight for their rights.
You are the only voice they have. Doctors diagnosed Zelda, my daughter,
with Autism at 2 years. We weathered through early childhood intervention.
She had speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.
I felt very comfortable with the early intervention team but when we transferred
over to the school teams, everything was a challenge. You had to fight for
This is one example of the IEP process that caused us problems.
We had Zelda's IEP today. Zelda is in the 3-year-old preschool disabled
classroom. I have a problem with the IEP process. During an IEP meeting,
case managers give parents a copy of the IEP.  School districts expect parents
to read over it there and agree to it there.

To prepare for this meeting, I read over her past IEP and her progress reports.
I wanted to be knowledgeable about what they expected of her and what
services she was receiving. I came with questions I wanted to ask at the
meeting based on the goals and objectives in her original IEP. There were
objectives that Zelda was still working on based on her progress report and
I had questions prepared based on that report.

Zelda mastered those goals, but no one told me. I proud of Zelda for making
her goals but I wish I knew what they were before the meeting.  I didn’t have
access to the new goals until the meeting.

Another shock came when they plan where they wanted to place Zelda for
next school year. When Zelda started school in October, they planned on
putting in the inclusion 3-year-old room in December, then it was the end
of the year. Then it was to let her transition in the summer program. Now they
say they want her to go to the preschool disabled 4-year-old class. Did I miss
something?   Zelda made her goals, but she is not moving her to her least
restrictive environment or to what I thought was her least restrictive
This frustrates me because I had the entire IEP team there this morning
and new information and no time to process it. Now I have questions.
I want a working copy of the IEP's given out to parents possible a week or
more before the IEP meeting.. If everyone knew the contents IEP before
the meeting, we could have more intelligent questions.
It's not just this school district.  Schools have 7 to 10 days after the IEP
meeting the parents to get a copy of the IEP.  It is better to receive a working
copy before the meeting.  Parents are not the enemy. We are both on the
same team. Both school and home want what is best for our student.
Something for parents to remember:
The school will make it sound as if you have to but you don’t.
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN IT.  Why sign a document you have not had
time to read it and understand it?  
You can request a copy of the IEP ahead of time. I am a teacher.
This is not a difficult request.
Going from the 3-year-old who couldn't talk to the girl in the third grader
whose biggest problem is talking in class brings tears to my eyes.
She is an amazing child and has come so far. I can't wait to see where life
takes her.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Tempers flared, our words hurt as
Our tongues lashed shameful insults
Faith destroyed as trust was broken

Others more important and the safety of a friendship
Tarnished by words

A poison of words hurt both
We licked our wounds
Bandaged ourselves up and went on with our lives

Were you feeling victorious after such a battle??
Did you hurt as I did?
Did it feel good to throw a friendship away?
Or perhaps it was not as important to you as it was to me?

Were you as lost and as broken as I?
Did you long to talk to me as I longed to talk to you?

How do we move on from this? Is there a way of getting back what we lost or did we push all of that away?
Is there too much hurt and mistrust now?
Where is the friendship we had before?
Is the road back too difficult
Covered with thorns and weeds of places long forgotten

Can we forge through and find our way back or become lost once again
On the road to recovery.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Let me be me

Let me be me

Let me wear unmatched socks
Let me sign in the shower
And dance while I'm cooking

Let me be me

In all my odd behaviors
In all my rash moments
Call me eccentric
Call me odd

Call me anything but let me be me.

Let me paint. Let me write
Let me sing and let me dance

Let me make a fool of myself
And let me laugh at myself

Let me be me

The Morning

The alarm resounds in my head and I grumble and moan.
It pulls me from my slumber with a start.
My blankets wrapped around me keeping me warm as the cold morning air hits me.

I pull the covers over my head.
It can’t be morning already.
I want to hide from everyone and everything.
Just lay and look up at the ceiling and dream.

I want to hide from the world and pull the blankets closer.
The cold morning air wakes me, but I retreat under the covers.
Never leave the warmth and safety of the bed
Just lay and look up at the ceiling and dream.

I lay alone with all my thoughts,
The quiet in the morning
No one expecting anything from me
In this quiet time, oh the thoughts that come

Alas I must rise, each day the same
Running a race that never ends

Let me pull the covers back over my head.
The race never ends, just to take some days alone with my kids.
No work, no stress, just me and my kids.

New Page!!! I transformed this page into a business page. If you have ever read any of my works please leav...